Daily Fantasy: Draft Kings line up of the day

Here is our winning Draft Kings line up for Sunday June 30th. We spent heavy with Scherzer at the top because he has a great match up against his former team and has averaged 25.5 points per start in Draft Kings DFS this season. He is worth every penny. The rest of our line up is balanced and features quality power in the outfield with Bryant, Jimenez and Soler. All…

June 30, 2019

Fantasy Baseball: Load up on starting pitching early. It is smart

March 24, 2019

Max Scherzer pitched 300 innings for the Nationals last season. I used to be one of those guys that drafted a balanced team. Whether it be in a ten team league or a twelve team league, I would draft the best player on the board depending on where I picked. Using that strategy helped as I was able to make the playoffs consistently and make deep playoff runs. I have…