Fantasy Football : Antonio Brown’s to the Raiders could mean a slight drop in production

The Oakland Raiders traded a third round pick and a fifth round pick in this year’s draft for all pro wide receiver Antonio Brown. Upon acquiring him, the Raiders gave Brown more guaranteed money, making him the highest paid receiver in the league.

So, now that Brown has been traded and paid, what will his fantasy impact be in Oakland?

Fantasy Impact: Brown will no longer be a top ten pick in fantasy drafts. Particularly ten team leagues. His ADP will be affected by the move west to Oakland.

I expect Brown to slip into the second round in most drafts next season. He is still a top 10 receiver but he is no longer the top receiver in fantasy football.

Brown will take a step back from a production standpoint because he is playing with Derek Carr and he doesn’t have as much talent around him as he did in Pittsburgh.

Brown will still catch 85 to 90 passes for 1,000 plus yards but he will struggle to catch double digit touchdown passes. If he does, it is because the Raiders were playing from behind a lot.

All of this being said, Brown is still a number one receiver and should be drafted as such. Just don’t draft him in the top ten.

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