Fantasy Football: Don’t Waste Your Time Picking Up Jimmy G

If you were thinking of picking up Jimmy Garoppolo now that he has been traded to San Francisco 49ers, don’t waste your time or your roster spot.

The move to San Francisco does nothing to enhance Garoppolo’s value. He has no talent around him. With the possible exception of running back Carlos Hyde, who is Garoppolo playing with in San Francisco that will help make him a viable starting quarterback? No one!

Pierre Garçon and Marquise Goodwin will not make Garoppolo a viable fantasy starter. Neither does enough to help him statistically. Both are hit or miss vertical threats. Rookie tight end George Kittle is a good player who will benefit from playing with Garoppolo but he has proven to be inconsistent. Perhaps he will become more reliable now that he is playing with a quarterback who can get him the ball. 

Garoppolo is a great fit in Kyle Shanahan’s offense. He has a big time arm and the athleticism necessary to get out of the pocket on designed boot legs. He will benefit from playing in Shanahan’s system but the numbers won’t be there from a fantasy standpoint until the talent around him improves.

Until then, stay away from Garoppolo. He is not worth rostering in any league or format. 


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